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A Review of Zyn Espressino Mini No2 | White Pouches Info

Zyn Espressino Mini (No. 2) is a unique and exciting nicotine pouch produced by Zyn. It is among the company’s Mini Dry range of products. This pouch delivers a delicious roasted coffee flavour with some hints of vanilla, nougat, and cocoa. In case you aren’t familiar with them, nicotine pouches are snus products that contain nicotine but not tobacco. They are most appropriate for people who want to stop tobacco but still get their nicotine dose. This product, in particular, contains nicotine salts, pH balancers, and non-tobacco filler. As with other Mini Dry products, its portions are non-drip and small, allowing you to use them discreetly.

Flavour and strength

When you flip open the container, you’re met with a sweet aroma which is like creamy coffee, plus a touch of vanilla. Under the lip, the Zyn Mini Espressino portions feel small and a bit dry. They are not comfortable initially, but as they moisten they become more comfortable. The flavour is superbly tasty! It is a sweet and creamy black-coffee taste. You’ll also taste some slight hints of vanilla, which combine perfectly with the coffee flavour. The strength of nicotine is 7mg/g, though it does not feel like the strength of a regular product. Its flavour lasts on average about 30 to 40 minutes.

Bottom line

Zyn Mini Espressino is discreet and wholly white, before and even when using it. Like other Zyn products, it is 100% tobacco-free. Another good thing is that you won’t suffer any hygiene side-effects and there will be no teeth stains to deal with. You can use this product anywhere – whether you are at home, at the movies, or on the road. With an authentic and delicious taste, you’ll definitely want to give Zyn Mini Espressino a try during your next purchases. If you like the taste of coffee in your pouch, get this product starting from €4.50 to €5.50 per can.