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Zyn products are tobacco-free nicotine products made with tobacco-derived nicotine salt. Zyn products were introduced in 2015 in Denver and several West Coast markets. They are manufactured in Sweden by Kentucky and Swedish Match factories. Zyn is owned by Altria Group Inc, although it has sold several shares to Swiss company Burger Sohne Holding AG. The Altria Group Inc is an American group of companies that specialises in premium tobacco brands whose sales are in America and Europe. They have focused on harm reduction in Zyn products. The current Zyn pouches weigh around 0.4 grams and contain nicotine but no tobacco.

Zyn Flavors

Zyn products have flavors that range from minty and fresh to sweet and intense, thus meeting individual satisfaction. The Zyn pouches flavors include coffee, mint, wintergreen, spearmint, cinnamon, peppermint, and unflavored. Zyn’s products are made with food-grade components. They are discreet and do not produce any smoke nor any lingering smell. If you are looking for a spit-free product, Zyn is what will suit you. Zyn products have two levels to satisfy different individuals’ tastes. The Zyn 3 mg suits those satisfied by a smaller amount of nicotine, while the Zyn 6 mg satisfies those who wish to go to full nicotine enjoyment.

Use of Zyn

Zyn is for adult use and consumers aged above 21 years and should, therefore, be kept away from children and young people of below age. The age limit for Zyn users is made possible by the limitation of access to the Zyn web page by underage users through a strict age verification of Zyn website visitors.