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Learn more about the brand LYFT | White Pouches Info

LYFT has an interesting history. It is a range of nicotine pouches made by Fiedler & Lundgren in Sweden and was launched in 2019. It is an all-white, 100% tobacco-free snus made from natural plant fibres, flavours and its party piece, nicotine. LYFT pouches come almost exclusively in white packaging and slim size. It is the successor to another popular all-white tobacco snus, EPOK. LYFT is an improvement on EPOK because it stays whiter and fresher for longer during use. The main reason for making LYFT tobacco-free is that nicotine pouches are illegal in Norway, the second-largest market for Swedish snus.

The Low-down on Lyft

Under the tin, LYFT is a tobacco-free, nicotine pouch with refreshing flavours. In place of the tobacco, LYFT pouches contain natural plant fibre extracts from eucalyptus and pine. To achieve its distinctive aroma, the LYFT pouches are a mix of tree fibres, coupled with the stimulating kick from nicotine, garnished with some tantalising flavours such as mint and liquorice. The brand will appeal to all users because it comes in various strengths with the lightest at 6 mg/g, which is perfect for beginners, while the strongest weighs in at 18mg/g. For the more experienced snus user, expect the same experience as the extinct EPOK, minus the tobacco.

Last Word on Lyft

LYFT is an exciting, all-white snus product that’s full of flavour. Its contains organic plant extracts, various refreshing flavours, and zero tobacco. Do not think that because it has no tobacco then it has no bite, the nicotine on board will do the trick. Further, because it stays white even after use, you won’t have to deal with any ugly teeth discolouration. With strengths ranging from mild to intense, it will appeal to beginners and pros. Most of the LYFT products come in slim packaging for a comfy and discreet fit. Try LYFT today and enjoy a potent nicotine kick with refreshing flavours and no teeth stains.