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A Review of Skruf White Slim Cassice | White Pouches Info

Skruf Super White Slim Cassice is a nicotine pouch produced by Skruf Snus. It is the third release in the company’s all-white line of snus products. Just like the rest, this one is also tobacco-free and also contains plant fibers. In case you didn’t know, the Super White brand is among the class of products that don’t contain tobacco but do have some nicotine. The pouch looks just like the normal snus but it’s totally white, both inside and out. This product is a better alternative for people wanting to stop tobacco altogether, but who still want to enjoy their nicotine.

Flavour and strength

What meets you when you first open the can is the sweet blackcurrant aroma and a bit of mint. The flavour is more like the aroma with a freshness to its taste. Under the lip, the pouch feels moist, just like regular snus. You will encounter an icy, cooling sensation, making the portion feel fresh within the lip and in the whole mouth. The strength of nicotine in this one is about the standard snus level of 8mg/g. Moreover, the flavor keeps going for quite some time. Actually, you can enjoy this product for about 45 to 55 minutes!

Bottom line

Usually, citrus and mint are the most common flavours in the snus market. However, this one is something unique. The striking blackcurrant plus mint flavours combine perfectly, resulting in a super-fresh product with extra sweetness. The plant fibre and gum base bring a comfortable and soft feeling inside the lip. Moreover, the soft, white portions don’t stain the teeth like regular snus does. What’s more, the flavour lasts even longer. Stop your smoking habit today and have your nicotine safely! You can get the Super White Cassice pouches at a price range of between €5.00 and €6.00 per can.