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This is a Swedish based company that deals with pouch brand or snus, which is the common Swedish name. Snus is generally a moist powder smokeless tobacco product that originated in early 18th century Sweden. Skruf Snus was originally founded in the year 2002 as they ventured into the snus monopoly based market, which was very competitive since there were already many players in the market. Skruf was originally introduced by friends Adam Gillberg and Jonas Engwall in Smaland’s Southern Forest. Their main aim was to offer a cooler and more premium snus; that is when they came up with Skruf pouches.

Swedish Snus

In the 18th century, after the discovery of snus, it abruptly became a widely known phenomenon with the sudden rise of locally owned manufacturing brands that set their sights on competing in the snus market. Currently, a 200-year-old tradition is becoming bigger and better than ever before, with so many players each with different products. At the start of the millennium, most boxes containing the pouches were rather dark in colour and people had grown fond of it for some time, until Skruf came up with a major breakthrough of changing the tides by being the odd one out and introducing a classic white box.

Types Of Pouches

Over the years, people got accustomed to Skruf pouches, not only locally but also in the neighbouring countries. As the brand became bigger, diversity took shape in the company as new types of products were created as well as different brands that were introduced in the market. The brands which arose include the famous known Knox, the traditional Smalands Brukssnus, and Nyans among the very few. Moreover, Skruf has more than 30 types of products that are sold all over the world, such as the Skruf Super White, Skruf Norge, and Shade just to name a few – and even more products are being introduced.