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A Review of Shiro Virginia Classic | White Pouches Info

Shiro Virginia Classic is an all-white nicotine bag produced by AG Snus, a company in Denmark. This is among the company’s range of Shiro products, which present in different strengths and flavours. Virginia Classic is the first product in this range with a sweet flavour of tobacco. If you aren’t familiar with this, nicotine bags are snus-like products, but they do not contain real tobacco. Instead, they contain nicotine, plus some kind of cellulose. They’re good for those who want to quit smoking but at the same time enjoy nicotine. They are also great for those who quit tobacco but still miss that taste of tobacco.

Flavour and strength

On opening the can, you’re hit with an aroma that is rather cooling, maybe due to the menthol constituent. You’ll experience a light woody note and an earthy presence. The portions are soft, slim and comfortable inside the lip. You’ll also notice a mild sensation, a gentle sweetness, as well as some light caramel taste in its flavour. It does not taste like a tobacco clone, but it is evocative of the real tobacco. The strength of the nicotine is on the regular level of 6mg per portion or 2mg/g (1.2%). Generally, the flavour keeps going for around 35 to 45 minutes.

Bottom line

Shiro Virginia Classic nicotine bag has the right quantity of moisture, making it very comfortable when under your lip. It is slim and discreet to use, and the portions are totally white, before and even while using them. You can use this product anytime and anywhere – in the restaurant, in the office, at the movies or while driving. If you are someone who quit tobacco but still misses its taste, you will definitely enjoy this product. Moreover, you can quit smoking and still enjoy nicotine safely. The prices of Virginia Classic nicotine bag range from €4.00 to €5.00 for a 12 gram can.