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A Review of Shiro True North Nicotine Pouch | White Pouches Info

Are you an experienced nicotine user? Are you looking for a strong and durable nicotine pouch? You should strive to get a product that gives you the best experience. The new Shiro True North nicotine pouch, launched in early 2020, has a sweet smell of peppermint. Manufactured by AG Snus company, this new all-white nicotine pouch has a mild cooling feeling when you place under your lip. Compared to previous products from the Shiro family, the True North pouch is the strongest. The article gives you a review of this new slim extra strong nicotine pouch. Learn more here.

Flavor and Strength

The latest addition to the Shiro family comes in two flavours. That is mint and menthol. With these flavours, you save yourself the trouble of having stained teeth. Also, there is no combustion involved when using True North nicotine pouch. Furthermore, the pouches have a strength of 12MG/G. This implies that the products are more durable compared to other flavours such as Virginia classic and cool mint. For this reason, the manufacturers recommend the products for experienced nicotine users. The nicotine pouches also come in a content of 12 mg per bag and 24 pouches per can. Learn more here.

Price Range and Shipping

When it comes to pricing, the True North Shiro pouch costs between €4.99 – €5.99 per pc (excluding VAT). The price range is affordable, given the extra strength contained in the slim and discreet pouches. The AG Snus company has a website where you can make your order and wait for the delivery to be made. As for delivery, the company undertakes same day shipment to those residing in Europe. Therefore, you can expect your products within 24 hours. Notably, the new all-white nicotine pouches have a minimum of 6 weeks’ durability. Feel free to contact the customer care team for more info.