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Shiro nicotine pouches are tobacco-free nicotine products manufactured in Sweden by AG Snus company, founded in 1984. AG Snus focuses on providing customers with smokeless tobacco products that are of high quality. The possibility of staining teeth by using traditional tobacco products has made consumers prefer Shiro products because they don’t stain the teeth. The manufacture of Shiro pouches involves its extraction through an advanced heating process in which the nicotine is isolated from the tobacco leaves before added to other food ingredients for flavour addition. The result gives the new all-white Shiro nicotine pouches, which have no known side effects upon consumption.

Flavours found in Shiro pouches

The several flavours in Shiro nicotine pouches are there for the consumer’s satisfaction. The different qualities of Shiro nicotine pouches are Shiro Fresh Mint, Shiro Cool Mint, Shiro Virginia Classic Tobacco Flavor, and Shiro True North. All these flavours have an excellent combination of plant fibres, new tastes and nicotine. Pouches can also come as chews both of which fit discreetly under your lips with the best possible softness. Among these flavours, the most popular brands are the Sweet mint and Cool mint. The nicotine level in the brand ranges from 6 mg/g to 10 mg/g with 12 contents per package, which has no traces of tobacco in them.

Shiro Cool Mint and Sweeet Mint Pouch.

The two pouches are all white nicotine pouches and are in translucent cans. They are suitable for people who want to quit smoking but still keep enjoying the nicotine. The Shiro Sweet Mint has a rich, sharp taste of mint, sweet peppermint, and freshness from spearmint. On the other hand, the Cool Mint Strong has an intuitive cold taste of mint. The combination of spearmint and menthol in the fresh Mint brand makes it have a strong feeling for the consumer. Both the Cool Mint Strong and Sweet Mint also has 24 pouches. If you want to try something new, go for the Shiro brand.