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A Review of Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus | White Pouches Info

Unlike in traditional snus products, citrus flavor is not too common with nicotine pouches. Combine that with a sweet taste from berries and you will have an indescribably refreshing experience! If that sounds satisfying, then Berry Citrus from Nordic Spirit will far surpass your expectations. Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus is a combination of classic and modern flavors in a tobacco-free form. Such composition offers a quick kick accompanied by an enduring nicotine delivery. The tobacco-free aspect assures users of no brown discharge that might stain their teeth. For those looking to enjoy a fruity flavor with strong nicotine but not tobacco, this product is for you.

Facts About Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus

Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus provides a fresh flavor experience from nature. The Nordic snus is made from bergamot, which is responsible for the citrus flavor, and wild berries, which supplement the flavor with a sweet-sour undertone. This blend of bergamot and wild berries gives the product a flavor that persists for a significant period of time. The use of natural plant fibers further gives the product an all-white characteristic. Despite the strong nicotine content, the Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus has minimal or no harmful effects on the user’s teeth. This benefit is facilitated by the all-white character which prevents the product from leaving stains.

Availability and Affordability of Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus

Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus has recently garnered much popularity among nicotine consumers. The demand is linked to the good prices along with the satisfying experience of fresh flavor. The product comes in different types and sizes, with each having different prices. The Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus Slim Strong, for example, comes in a can with a net weight of 13 g. Each can consists of 20 pouches. Price per can may range between €3.6 and €6.49 depending on where you buy from. You can purchase a can of Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus online from,, HAYPP, SnusCentral, and Snusdirect among other trusted dealers.