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A Review of Nordic Spirit Berry & Stripes | White Pouches Info

Nordic Snus has a number of products and the latest among them is Nordic Spirit Berry & Stripes. The product comes with a strawberry flavor with a fascinating can style, which has a white, black and red color combination. The product contains 20 pouches and it comes in a limited edition. These pouches are drier in composition than the average nicotine pouch, but this does not mean that it doesn’t still feel comfortable under the lip. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with pouches, they are a product with a slight similarity to snus but with one huge difference: they do not contain tobacco.

What you need to know about this product

In a can of Nordic Spirit Berry & Stripes you will find 20 slim portions. These portions are about 13 grams. The total nicotine content of this product is 13-14mg/g. These products are made up of fiber made from the plant along with nicotine. They can serve as a perfect substitute for people that want to stop tobacco. For these people, nicotine is another alternative they can enjoy, as the average strength of the nicotine is still at a normal level. The strawberry flavor lasts for about 45-55 minutes. This product is a limited edition for 2020 and its price ranges from €4 to €7 for different vendors.

Additional information about this product

The pouches by Nordic Spirit comes in a variety of flavors that lasts a long time. Some of these flavors include berry citrus, smooth mint, elderberry, spearmint, bergamot and many more. All these ranges of flavors were carefully created with a blend of plant fiber that was carefully chosen not to stain the teeth. This product has not gained much popularity because it only came onto the market this year, but it has a high level of freshness and crispness when compared to other flavors. Additionally, what makes this flavor different from other flavors is because of its strawberry taste, which gives a refreshing sensation.