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Learn more about the brand Nordic Spirit | White Pouches Info

Nordic Spirit pouches are a newly launched product that was released in 2018 by JTI to serve the mushrooming snus market in Sweden. It later gained popularity all over the UK, following the ban on smoking and vaping tobacco products. The company has up to today made a name in the nicotine pouch market with its tobacco-free ingredients. It is available to all independent and convenient retailers, meaning that you will find it in almost every store, including Nordic Spirit countertop display units. The pouches are available at a pocket-friendly price, with one can containing 20 tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

Pouch types available

Nordic Spirit pouches are available in three flavours, Bergamot Wildeberry, Elderflower, and Mint, which are very popular in the UK. They are of two strengths, 9mg and 6mg. The product pouches are made with special ingredients containing nicotine, a blend of plant-based fibres, gum base, and some flavours and additives which give them an irresistible aroma. They are also made in small sizes that can fit under the user’s bottom or top lip, thus giving them a comfortable feel. The pouches are long-lasting in that one can be chewed for at least one hour and you can use one or two pouches per day.

Final Verdict

These pouches give you a tingling sensation with a fresh nicotine experience. You can use them anywhere at any time. Amazingly, you can laugh, talk, and even sing with the snus in your mouth. You can easily carry its can with you since they are small and can fit well into your bag or pocket. What’s more, the Nordic Spirit pouches are environment friendly since they are smokeless. In fact, they have been recommended by health experts as safe to use products. They are also easy to dispose of in a recycle bin without scattering the residue inside the pouches, since they are well sealed.